Business valuation perception versus reality

Business valuation

This is one of the most misunderstood areas by small and medium business owners. Everyone attempts to put their own perspective on what is the right valuation method, what should be included or excluded from the valuation as well as perceived value. The general rule is that most valuations used, are adopted, because they provide […]

Real misconception of a business valuation

Business valuation

Many business owners believe there is flexibility in moving the goal posts of a business valuation. The reality is they are not wearing the correct hat when they attempt to move the goals posts. Firstly, a business is a separate legal entity in its own right, and the belief that a director has the choice […]

The Supplier Squeeze

Suppliers applying the pressure

Does your business have a scenario where you have a make-or-break supplier, that despite the current covid-19 challenges is squeezing you and your business for payment? You are finding it extremely difficult to establish a way forward that will ensure your business remains a float. I can assure you there are many businesses in the […]

We create win-win solutions

Win-win solutions

  Real business challenges We have been working with small and medium business owners like you, since 2004. As business owners, we know that every day is a new challenge, opportunity, and it can also be a lonely journey. Sometimes we need help to get over the current hurdles we face, to either improve a […]

Helping your business achieve its full potential

Helping your business achieve its full potential

We are currently actively seeking long-term business investment opportunities. If you believe your company could benefit from our support and input, we would be interested in speaking to you. Here at Raxsonic, we specialise in acquiring under-performing or distressed businesses throughout the UK. By providing investment and cutting-edge SME Plan for struggling businesses, we excel […]

2 key questions COVID-19 has created for business owners

2 key questions

The impact of COVID-19 1. How do I adapt my business and, 2. How do I find opportunities for growth?   FACT: Data-driven businesses are better equipped to transform their business, the reliance on accounting numbers alone is dead, often too late, and does not cover all the areas of the business. WHY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE […]

7 considerations to help you sell your business

Sell your business

7 considerations. Selling a small business is a complex venture that involves several considerations. It can require that you enlist a professional service provider like us, who has experience in this sector. Every business has value in some form or the other.  We simplify the process, and cover areas like due diligence which saves you […]