9 reasons to choose WordPress to power your business

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9 reasons to choose WordPress to power your business

If Fortune 500 companies, including enterprise businesses like CNN, Microsoft, Facebook, Time, TechCrunch, TED etc can use WordPress for their day-to-day business, then you as a business owner should have peace of mind knowing that your business would be using the right tools with the required security, and the ability with stability to scale as your business needs do.


FACT: 41% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined.


Make it yours, say farewell to software bloat, lock-ins, and pricey marketing clouds. Use the technologies that solve your customer experience needs and discover how quickly your business sees ROI with the agile CMS that powers the web.

A seamless fit across your business whether it is from marketing to development, we bring your teams together with the flexible CMS so you can focus on creating better content across channels, backed by our support and security to meet your client needs.

Be agile. Your success depends on the freedom to move swiftly and easily, regardless of what arises. Transform as needed, from pre-builds to custom, so whether you have hundreds or thousands of contributors, you can scale your digital experiences.

The total cost of ownership is a savings from licensing fees, alongside our expert customer success services, reduce capital and operational expenditures when compared with other solutions.


9 reasons to consider WordPress:

  1. You have total control and ownership of your data.
  2. No one has access to your business website data only you. You can move it at any time.
  3. No tied in contracts, you control the relationship with a web designer/developer and not the other way around.
  4. It is a working tool for your business and user roles can be assigned to employees etc based on the business needs.
  5. Powerful for content marketing and integration tools to cover 99% of the areas of your business, with additional customization available.
  6. Multilingual sites to cater for your visitor’s language needs
  7. Unique design for your business
  8. Security conscious businesses like government websites and Facebook use WordPress the same as you
  9. SEO – the best choice to rank high in search engines.

If your existing website is not meeting your business objectives, get in touch and let us help you to get it producing the desired results.

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