Our mission is to always add value to our clients, ensuring successful and sustainable business growth.

Raxsonic is an SME specialist company that works with businesses like yours, and have done so, since 2004.

Our experience has been built starting businesses from inception and selling a few, including some failures along the way.

Our tried and tested methods have been built from active engagement with business owner/s like you in real day to day scenarios.

We build long term relationships with our clients.


Raxsonic has taken on various forms over the years since 2004.

It was founded by Erik Von Schlehenried, a tax practitioner and accountant with over 25 years experience *.

The journey started in South Africa, expanded to Swaziland, United Kingdom and now a global reach.

Back in 2004 Erik identified the potential of growth this sector would have, and the limited support, resources etc, that were available at the time. Today we see a dominant sector worldwide, providing more than 50% employment, that is still not seen, as a key player by the financial sector as their corporate counterparts.

The objective has always been to provide value added service and products to support and help SMEs to grow. This is an ongoing journey for us. If 2020 has taught us anything change is a constant.

We have embarked and built a global network over the last 16 years to help SME’s and people wanting to enter the SME sector by forming good partnerships to support our clients objectives. Today our network includes United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Whether you are a one man business, or the size of a medium business with a turnover up to 50 million per annum, we work with you.

* Erik Von Schlehenried


This is the foundation our business has been built on and will continue to be our benchmark. It is also the reason we have built long term relationships.


Through value added services and products, for our customers, including our commitment to their vision, we will strengthen and grow our business, therefore realising ours.