Our mission is to always add value to our clients, ensuring successful and sustainable business growth.

Our process

We are an SME (Small, medium enterprise) specialist company that works with businesses like yours.

The founder Erik Von Schlehenried has worked with business owners since 2004.

His experience has been built by starting businesses from inception and selling a few, including some failures along the way.

The key aspect of our approach is applied in two ways.

  1. Our services are setup, with an exit plan which either includes ongoing support or no further support requirements for your business.
  2. We support your business every step of the way as an active partner.

The great thing is you have complete flexibility and freedom to switch at any point.

Our input comes from hands on business experience, and not employee based advice.

We build long term relationships with our clients.

Our 7 point promise

This is the foundation our business has been built on and will continue to be our benchmark. It is also the reason we have built long term relationships.

Our Vision

Through value added services and products, for our customers, including our commitment to their vision, we will strengthen and grow their business, therefore realising ours.