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The SME Specialists

since 2013

How we do it?

We offer a comprehensive and personal service from our office in Cooper centre, Mbabane.

We also focus on the setup of a business books and processes to the pre-audit preparation, including historical cleanups and tax matters, throughout Swaziland.

We work with your existing staff on-site to fine tune processes, and where required, we provide the necessary working tools, unique to each individual business and the business owners yet, applying the basic fundamentals to ensure a solid foundation.

No matter how small or big your business may be, you are welcome to talk to us.

    Our 7 point promise

  • Honesty - we will be the first to let you know if we can add value or not to the required task/s.
  • Integrity - No compromises
  • Confidentiality - our success has been built on long term relationships and not short term gain. We have earned our client's trust through delivery.
  • Service - Once we undertake to fulfill an obligation we do it at 110%.
  • Communication - is the foundation of building a relationship and understanding you and your requirements.
  • Passion - we love what we do and we love taking on challenges.
  • Results - we delivered the desired results on tasks undertaken.

Why we do it?

We are passionate about the SME sector.

We have seen and continue to see the impact SME's make in the economy. Corporate businesses are growing at a much slower rate than the SME sector, hence more growth opportunities exist in this space.

Our Vision continues to remain the same and our mission will never die.

Our Vision

"Through value added services and products for our customers, and because of our commitment to their vision, we will strengthen and grow our business, therefore realising ours."

Our Mission

"We always strive to add value to our clients, ensuring successful and sustainable business growth."

How we got started

Our journey began in Swaziland from September 2013.

Although our business has taken on various forms over the last 14 years, we expanded into Swaziland in 2013, This was after we identified opportunities for both us and our clients in the SME space. The one thing we know and live by is that "change is constant".

We felt Swaziland was an overlooked market, everything and everyone had some or other involvement in the neighboring states to RSA like, Zimbabwe, Botswana etc

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